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  • Do you want to increase appointment conversions?

  • Are you losing leads?

  • Are your students ghosting before the first day of class?

  • Are you advisors frustrated?

  • Is retention taking a hit?

Effective Communication

Identify the student need, then pair their need with what your school can offer.

Admissions is all about building relationships. It takes listening skills, empathy and the ability to relate to each prospective student. Meet each student where they are in the lives, and provide a solution to how they can overcome those "false beliefs" in order to help them achieve success.

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I Couldn't Have Asked For Better.

Nicole Laborde - Founder & CEO - Ideal School of Allied Healthcare

My first encounter with Kathy was over the phone. Immediately, I felt her positive energy, her passion for what she does and her enthusiasm. I surreptitiously wished that she could be the Director of my campus. I often called on her whenever I needed advice about enrollment tactics or training for my new enrollment advisors. She is courteous, knowledgeable and very innovative. I recommend any campus directors or owners to use her services.

She's the Best in the Market

Dr. Bindu Pillai - MD, MBBS, RMA(AMT), Healthcare Management Program Director at CUNY

I've known Kathy for a long time. I met her when she was an advisor. Later, she took over that campus as the director. Her passion was invigorating. She and I had a very close bond from the beginning and that's when saw who she really was. She was a natural leader in Admissions. Students and staff naturally gravitated to her pleasant but firm nature. She had a way with people that was indescribable. Students felt at ease when they spoke to her. They spoke about school and personal issues that hindered them in their educational life. I admired her experiences and skills with students and fellow colleagues. Her inspirational messages are truly a gift to everyone. She will take you the next level.

First Class Act!

Dr. Melissa Kaubach - Chief Academic Officer with The Institute of Medical and Business Careers

Kathy has been a breath of fresh air for our team at the Institute of Medical and Business Careers. She is a superior trainer and her practical suggestions and guidance are invaluable! Her training style and technique has not only played a huge role in increased enrollments and starts, but also with improving retention. She has a way of making our advisors and staff feel as if no dream or goal is unattainable. Her bubbly personality paired with her "tough love" approach is exactly what our team needed. Kathy is a first class act!

What An Experience

Iasia Gregory - Director of Admissions at American Institute

My experience working with Kathy as a Regional Admissions Management Trainer was dynamic. Not only did she bring morale and excitement to my team and I, but her teaching style was very engaging, inspiring and direct. Her passion for what she did was nothing I have seen before. Kathy cares about your success, which makes her creative approach to delivering information everlasting. I always say that there's something different about a trainer or teacher that is passionate about their craft. She made a huge difference in our performance, as well as outcomes. She's the real deal

Next Level Management & Personality

Anita Luckett - MBA, Borough Director of Queens Transition and College Access Center, Department of Education

Kathy is exceptionally talented! I had the pleasure of working directly with her on multiple training and development projects for staff. She was direct, honest and able to connect with all levels of staff. I highly recommend Kathy if you are looking for a dynamic leader who can take you and your team to the next level.

She Made a Real Difference!

Elvin Freytes - Co-Founder The EdUp Experience

Kathy was responsible for all of the Admissions Advisor and Management training at a multi campus college, where I was the Director of Admissions. Her passion for sharing her knowledge was refreshing, and her style of training was exciting, clear, and concise. She leads by example and is amazing at inspiring those around her to win.

How do you connect with potential students?

Admissions is not about enrollments. It's about making the connection and inspiring people to challenge themselves into changing their narrative.

  • Graduates

    Are your students committed to completing what they started? Quality enrollments will lead to higher retention rates.

  • Grow

    Increase enrollment and start rates by 25% - 50% or more. Now is the time for immediate results.

  • No more Stress

    Get a good night's rest knowing that your team is equipped with the knowledge to meet and exceed expectations week after week, and start after start.

Learn From A Driven Leader

" I enjoying changing people's perception of what they think is possible."

Meet Kathy Belletty

Knowledge. Ambition. Tenacity

Admissions is my ministry and passion. I believe in Career Education because I was the Career Student, even though I've attended traditional college as well. I remember my first advisor who took extraordinary measures to ensure I was able to start school. It was because of him, that I was able to complete my Bachelors Degree in just three years. He made a huge impact on my life and I have now dedicated my life to making an impact on the people I serve: Enrollment Advisors and their Leaders.
Meet Kathy Belletty

Why do I continue to help Career Schools?

  • I understand how empathy and compassion plays a huge role in connecting with prospective students.

  • I understand how "False Beliefs" can prohibit students from completing what they started.

  • I understand how it can be challenging to inspire people to invest thousands of dollars into something intangible...their Education.

  • I understand how much you pour into students, and how somedays you feel like throwing in the towel.

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Communicate with today's student on a different level and make the connection.


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